Rural Crisis

The conscious individuals keep their eye on the east. Bad news often come from the east.

The unaware keep their sights down, blabbering about TV programs, apples and gas prices. They can’t see falling planes, exploding kindergartens or bulldozers pushing piles of corpses into an endless hole in the ground.

We turn our heads anxiously in the direction of the Iron Curtain but, with our hands tied by conventions, we can do nothing but wait until the atomic dust begins to fall on us. The world has ended, but it is still pulsing and cooling down slowly, giving us misleading impression of calmness, which will disappear in a few moments, when the man in an impeccable suit decides to press the button. We can only fear. Fear is easily accessible to everyone.

We are so very attached to ourselves. We value our personalities and minds. We are extraordinary. We are one of a kind. We cannot imagine that someone can think of us as an useless mass, that soon will be swept  beyond the pages of history books.